At Touchpoint, our mission is to make it easier to love and be loved.

For almost two years, on the first Tuesday of every month, one hundred perfect strangers — representing different identities, orientations, cultures, and creeds — get together in a private location in New York City for our town hall about love, sex, and relationships.

It’s a place where people share real stories of their experiences in bed and in love, exchange book and podcast recommendations, and explore ideas around partnership, sexuality, and identity.

The only rules are that you have to take off your shoes, only one person can speak at a time, and you can’t dole out advice — only personal experience.

There is no alcohol served because the relationship between sex and booze has been a precarious one throughout history. Instead, attendees are given coconut water, the occasional chocolate, and seated comfortably on cushions and rugs in a candle-lit room.

Nearly three thousand people have attended since 2016, over a thousand questions have been submitted, and 25,000+ subscribers from around the United States read the stories that emerge from the discussion online.